About me

Karliniphotoshoot2The Great Karlini is a 20-year old magician residing in New Canaan, Connecticut. He has performed across the country, competing in competitions in Ohio, Texas, and other states winning various awards.

His close-up ranges from cards, coins, and magic using everyday objects. On stage he is notorious for escaping from straitjackets upside down and suspending audience participants in the air.

Karl is involved in his local magic club’s, and performs in their shows annually. He performs at weddings, corporate events, children’s birthday parties, and more. Karl has mentored three rising magicians, and is currently working with a young magician on his comedic stage act. His magic comes from dozens of magic books and DVD’s that he owns, as well as his local magic clubs. His mentor was past president of the Society of American Magicians Bill Andrews.

Magic for all ages